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Experience the perfect integration of ConsultingGrove and WooCommerce, designed to elevate your online business seamlessly. ConsultingGrove’s intuitive tools combined with WooCommerce’s robust e-commerce platform make managing your store effortless. From inventory management to order processing, this powerful combination unlocks a world of possibilities for your online venture. Discover the limitless potential of your e-commerce business with ConsultingGrove’s full compatibility with WooCommerce.

Prepare to elevate your store’s visual appeal with our collection of captivating patterns, available for free. Unleash boundless creativity to craft a website that enthralls your visitors and makes a lasting impact.

ConsultingGrove provides a diverse range of global styles, allowing you to swiftly modify color schemes to your preference. With just a few clicks, effortlessly adjust the color scheme of your store. Enjoy seamless customization of your website’s aesthetics, granting you the flexibility to interchange styles and colors as required, ensuring they align perfectly with your store’s identity.

ConsultingGrove offers fully customizable headers and footers, empowering you to modify, add, remove, or redesign them according to your needs. Enjoy complete control over appearance and functionality, along with captivating pre-designed layouts for effortless enhancement of your store’s browsing experience. Unlock unparalleled flexibility and creativity with our customizable options.

Explore our extensive array of intricately crafted FSE templates, ideal for any webpage. Save valuable time and effort by choosing our pre-made templates, eliminating the laborious task of manually creating each page. With our templates, you’ll have access to a myriad of stunning layouts for crucial pages including your store, cart, checkout, and product details. Embrace both efficiency and sophistication seamlessly integrated into every aspect of your website.

Welcome to our Home Page template, meticulously crafted to make a powerful first impression. Designed for maximum impact, it seamlessly guides visitors towards the core of your website, blending aesthetics with functionality for an immersive experience.

Refine your website’s color scheme with a wide array of colors. Generate impactful visual contrasts or incorporate your unique custom shades. Seamlessly adjust the color and gradient of every element to align with your brand’s identity, guaranteeing your website embodies your brand completely.

Enhance your website’s visual appeal with a vast selection of integrated fonts. Effortlessly customize and experiment to create unique typography for your content, elevating your website’s design.



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Elevate your online presence with ConsultingGrove, an advanced WordPress theme designed for full-site editing. Enjoy a seamless website customization experience with effortless access to every element. Whether crafting dynamic homepages or personalized portfolio displays, ConsultingGrove empowers you to create a modern online identity inspired by urban aesthetics. With user-friendly controls and visually stunning layouts, this theme transforms your WordPress experience into a creative exploration of functional design. Step into ConsultingGrove, where your website becomes a canvas for digital expression.

YesResponsive DesignYes
NoResponsive OptionsYes
YesSticky HeaderYes
SingleHeader LayoutMultiple
SingleFooter LayoutMultiple
3Home Page Template4+
LimitedFont Family3+
SingleBanner LayoutMultiple
NoAvanced BlocksYes
NoTheme Installation and Demo SetupYes
YesTranslation ReadyYes
NoPricing PatternYes
NoVideo PopupYes
NoTab PatternYes
NoImage SliderYes
NoProgress Bar PatternYes
NoAccordian PatternYes
NoVideo PatternYes
NoProducts PatternYes
NormalWoocommerce SupportAdvance
3+Page Template10+
NoIcon PickerYes
NoYITH CompatibleYes
5Style Variation5+
SingleBlog PageMultiple
NoSingle Post with Side barYes